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The kitchen is the heart of the home, while a beautiful bathroom accents the best your home has to offer. If your kitchen and bathroom don't convey the sense of comfort and welcome that you desire, you need a remodeling contractor. Country Carpentry provides kitchen and bathroom remodeling services for the Champaign, IL, area, and can transform your kitchen and bathroom.

Remodel Your Kitchen

When you want to remodel your kitchen, an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design is essential. You need to know where everything is and access your appliances in a way that works for you.

Our remodeling contractors work closely with you to design the kitchen remodel that meets your needs and accomplishes what you dream of. We work with you to install new countertops or cabinets or to completely overhaul and redesign your kitchen. We understand that your kitchen needs to make sense for you and your family.

Remodel Your Bathroom

We also plan and carry out bathroom remodels. Remodeling your bathroom can be a difficult and challenging task, which involves plumbing lines and heavy fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

Our remodeling contractors design your bathroom with you to utilize the space of your bathroom to the greatest degree possible. Bathroom space is valuable, and we understand the importance of using that space to comfortably and conveniently include the necessary fixtures.

Contact Us

We have served the Danville and Champaign-Urbana, IL, areas since 1980 and use our decades of experience to help realize your remodeling dreams.

Our remodeling contractors work closely with you throughout the process. We keep you informed every step of the way to ensure that the final result matches the plan that we designed together.

When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, contact Country Carpentry. Call one of our remodeling contractors in Champaign, IL, at 217-267-9997 today for a free estimate.
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